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Advanced Vocabulary Quiz for IELTS and PTE – Are you ready???



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#1 It is a simple fact that most injuries happen because someone was —- or negligent

#2 What is the synonym for vituperate

#3 The fact there is a _____ gap between the rich and poor in my country is worrying.

#4 If the examinees do not take permit cards for the examination, they are not —- to take part in the examination

#5 _____ analysis should be made of the effects of this process on the local community

#6 If a child knows that he can never —- a bad behavior, then he is less likely to do it

#7 In my essay I will _____ the case for people to use public transportation

#8 In his new book, the author makes a _______ argument for major economies to invest more in renewable power sources

#9 Scientists continue to develop —- methods which will improve animal well-being and further minimize the number of animals needed for testing

#10 Since their whole relationship was based on lies and —-, they broke up only after a few months

#11 The correct _____ to cook a Christmas cake involves a lot of fruit and brandy

#12 The internet added a _____ to crime

#13 If you wish to _____ your goal you must work very hard

#14 The _____ purpose of this essay is to argue that funding for the arts should be increased

#15 Some people don’t _____ in mind how much they are spending when they first get a credit card and this can lead to very real problems

#16 The scientists plan to _____a study into the effects of the new chemical over the coming months

#17 The government don’t seem to be _______ aware of the implication of the decision

#18 Google _______ huge profits every year because of its search engine and advertising