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#1 It is a simple fact that most injuries happen because someone was —- or negligent

#2 It is a sad fact that nowadays the pressure to be thin is so —- that even supermodels think they need to get rid of a few pounds

#3 The internet added a _____ to crime

#4 For any healthy business, there comes a point when the owners must decide to take the —- of a new growth strategy

#5 Every region’s linguistic and cultural identity is quite —- from that of the rest of the country

#6 I was _____ disappointed when I failed my driving test

#7 Aging research has —- dramatically in the last several years, with much now known of the biochemical and genetic components of aging

#8 Political geography can be —- changed overnight as a result of war, revolution, or other political upheavals

#9 Caffeine has many —- effects that people that use it in their daily lives may not be aware of

#10 Asbestos was —- used in construction before 1980, so any building material more than 20 years old should be handled very carefully

#11 In this part of the country, a third of the population is —- in the coal mining industry

#12 When the teams start to —-, their representatives from the recruiting offices send notes, pay a visit or send something to boost the teams’ morale.

#13 The fact there is a _____ gap between the rich and poor in my country is worrying.

#14 A few days ago, I —- a very rare CD while I was looking for a gift to give to a friend.

#15 Despite the string of successes, the Chinese team was shaken by the —- of the men’s doubles team of world champion.

#16 When economic circumstances change, businesses need time to —-

#17 Since their whole relationship was based on lies and —-, they broke up only after a few months

#18 The ________ majority of rain in Spain falls mostly on the central plain

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