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Advanced Vocabulary Quiz for IELTS and PTE – Are you ready???



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#1 Candidates who _____ the requirements will be offered a scholarship

#2 The doctor couldn’t tell the patient with any —- what the outcome of the operation will be

#3 The scientists plan to _____a study into the effects of the new chemical over the coming months

#4 Political geography can be —- changed overnight as a result of war, revolution, or other political upheavals

#5 The time from when a(n) —- person is exposed to flu virus to when symptoms begin is about one to four days

#6 It is easy to _______ a connection between rising fuel costs and rising prices for basic food stuffs such as rice and bread

#7 Please _____ with the safety regulations and familiarize yourself with the fire escape exits

#8 In his new book, the author makes a _______ argument for major economies to invest more in renewable power sources

#9 Darwin and Wallace were the first scientists to _____ the theory of evolution

#10 I was _____ disappointed when I failed my driving test

#11 In tomorrow’s class we will _____ the issue of how studies in psychology have affected advertising

#12 Those who don’t _____ the law will be pursued by the police

#13 The police _____ an investigation into the businesses involved in the scandal

#14 If you don’t _______ targets for yourself, you won’t reach your goals

#15 If you wish to _____ your goal you must work very hard

#16 Supply and demand are the most important _____ forces

#17 How can non-governmental organizations reduce the gap _____ the rich and poor?

#18 Nouns _____ into two separate categories: countable and uncountable