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Advanced Vocabulary Quiz for IELTS and PTE – Are you ready???



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#1 In my essay I will _____ the case for people to use public transportation

#2 Some people don’t _____ in mind how much they are spending when they first get a credit card and this can lead to very real problems

#3 In order to —- information, one must know of, and be able to use, the information sources

#4 Don’t ______ your time doing things that are not important

#5 The suspect —- hitting his neighbor but denied intending to kill him when questioned by the police

#6 I _____ recommend that you go and speak to the manager

#7 It is important to teach children to _____ responsibility for their actions

#8 A ______ argument can be made for the need for more investment in public transport

#9 Google _______ huge profits every year because of its search engine and advertising

#10 Despite the string of successes, the Chinese team was shaken by the —- of the men’s doubles team of world champion.

#11 When economic circumstances change, businesses need time to —-

#12 It is a simple fact that most injuries happen because someone was —- or negligent

#13 Orangutans are —- vegetarian, and their diet consists mostly of fruit and leaves from the trees, although their carnivorous tendencies may extend to the occasional insect

#14 The teacher entered the classroom as the students were —- trying to finish their assignments.

#15 For any healthy business, there comes a point when the owners must decide to take the —- of a new growth strategy

#16 If you want to see a GP, _______ an appointment with the receptionist

#17 Which is a synonym of bellicose

#18 When the teams start to —-, their representatives from the recruiting offices send notes, pay a visit or send something to boost the teams’ morale.