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#1 The time from when a(n) —- person is exposed to flu virus to when symptoms begin is about one to four days

#2 Candidates who _____ the requirements will be offered a scholarship

#3 Those who don’t _____ the law will be pursued by the police

#4 The ________ majority of rain in Spain falls mostly on the central plain

#5 Caffeine has many —- effects that people that use it in their daily lives may not be aware of

#6 The police _____ an investigation into the businesses involved in the scandal

#7 In _____ years we have experienced a rise in the number of cars on the road

#8 One of the most ______ features of the landscape is the huge lake in the center of the country

#9 The scientists plan to _____a study into the effects of the new chemical over the coming months

#10 Don’t ______ your time doing things that are not important

#11 Unfortunately, the policy to build more factories in the city will negatively _____ the health of a large number of people

#12 The _____ components of cement are sand and lime and these are mixed with water

#13 If a child knows that he can never —- a bad behavior, then he is less likely to do it

#14 In this part of the country, a third of the population is —- in the coal mining industry

#15 How can non-governmental organizations reduce the gap _____ the rich and poor?

#16 Google _______ huge profits every year because of its search engine and advertising

#17 The teacher entered the classroom as the students were —- trying to finish their assignments.

#18 Many countries are having trouble ______ pollution in major cities

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