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Welcome to Sahasriya’s “Communication Classes in English” course.

In today’s globalized world, to get a job, to get ahead in the career, one skill is more important than everything.

That is “Communication”.

You need to communicate correctly and confidently using the English Language.

Whether you are a school student, businessman, or an employee, you all have one question in your mind.

“Where do I go to learn to communicate effectively using the English Language”

For this question of yours, “Sahasriya’s” is the answer.

We have designed a perfect course for you to learn quickly and effectively to speak with confidence using the English Language.

Therefore, we have designed a communication course, with great emphasis given to grammar and vocabulary building.

At the end of this course, you would be an excellent communicator, speaking with great confidence.

That’s what we at “Sahasriya’s” give you as a promise.

Course Features

In-depth grammar focus
Whenever we speak or write in English we need to keep our language grammatical error free. This course will help you to speak and write excellent quality English.

Vocabulary building
Words matter. When you communicate, you should not only use the right grammar but also words that help you communicate what you want to. This course will help you to improve your vocabulary skills dramatically.

Speaking exercises
Practice makes one perfect. If you want to speak fluently in English, then you need to practice speaking in English. We provide ample opportunities for you to practice in an environment where you can practice without any fear.

Group discussions
We conduct many group discussions for you to get comfortable to make your point in a group situation. This also helps you to remove the fear of speaking in a group.

Writing in English
Our practical course will help you immensely to improve your written English skills.

Individualized attention
We provide individualized attention to all our students. That is the only way we can help a student to learn and practice without any fear or shyness that usually cripples people when they get an opportunity to speak in English.

Our course content is prepared by expert English Language Trainers who have several years of training thousands of students like you. Our content is the best and we say this with such a confidence, because, we have trained thousands of students like you before successfully.

For such a communication training, a student needs individualized attention and very short feedback loop. We at Sahasriya’s, provide you such an environment where you can learn, practice without any inhibition.

Our Methodology

Assessing your requirement
You as a student will have a career plan, and learn English is one of the items in that plan. We will speak to you to understand your overall goal and how learning English is going to help you to achieve your goal. This way, we can provide the attention and training you require.

Periodic assessments
As part of individualized attention, we conduct periodic assessments and give you feedback on your performance and areas for improvement. In case you have concerns, we address those in a one on one basis and make sure you learn effectively.

English language learning requires lots of practice. Our training is structured in such a way, you get to practice more in an environment we have created for you. Here you can shed your fear to communicate and your mistakes will be monitored and corrected immediately.  This short feedback look helps you to learn in a practical way.

We enable you to learn and become confident speaker in a short period of time.