When it comes to the best PTE coaching Centre in Bengaluru or Chennai or Coimbatore, the destination always ends up at Sahasriya. Thats why Sahasriya provides value to students through its Interesting English series too. Everyday’s note on important aspects of English language is a standing example for the best PTE coaching centre. Today, it is about ‘Cleanup’ and ‘Clean up’.

Cleanup and clean up are confusing to many writers. After all, the only difference between them is a space. Luckily, there is an easy way to tell the difference between them.

The difference between the two is actually quite large; they are not even the same part of speech. Continue reading to learn more about these words.

When to Use Cleanup

Best PTE Coaching Centre CleanupWhat does cleanup mean? Cleanup can be a noun or an adjective.

As a noun, cleanup refers to a job involving making something tidy.

For example,

  • “We need a cleanup on aisle seven!” said the cashier over the intercom.
  • Four hundred workers participated in this year’s river cleanup, and removed trash along a two-mile stretch.

As an adjective, cleanup describes such a job. In cricket, the cleanup hitter is the one who hits sixes a long way.

To give another example,

  • The cleanup crew made the store look shiny and new each night while there were few customers inside.

While cleanup is more common as an adjective and a noun, sometimes it appears as a hyphenated clean-up. Some spellchecks flag this as an error, so it’s probably best to stick with the single word cleanup.

When to Use Clean Up

Best PTE Coaching Centre Clean upWhat does clean up mean? In contrast to the compound cleanupclean up is a verb phrase. It means to make something tidy.

For example,

  • “Why do I keep you people around if not to clean up my messes?” asked the frustrated and messy king.
  • James, please clean up your room before I get home, or we will not be able to get ice creams tonight.
Trick to Remember

It can be difficult to remember which spelling is which, and many writers have mistakenly used one instead of the other in the last 200 years, even in published works.

  • Cleanup is a noun or an adjective.
  • Clean up is a verb phrase.

Since clean up is two separate words, and the word clean is also a verb, the meanings of the separate words in this phrase are your clue to the correct usage of the phrase itself.

Also, the two-word clean up as a verb follows the same rules as other one word, two word constructions like setup/set up and checkup/check up.


Is it cleanup or clean up? Despite being separated by a single space, these two terms are not interchangeable: the compound version is never a verb, and the phrase is only ever a verb.

  • Clean up is a verb phrase that means to make something tidy.
  • Cleanup is a noun or an adjective that describe the act of making something tidy.

Another verb phrase comparison such as Checkup/check-up, Pickup/pick-up are few other references that you can refer to.

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