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The meanings of some words and phrases are so similar that it’s difficult to see an appreciable difference. Why, for instance, does English have words like stairway and staircase, which appear to have no appreciable difference in meaning?

Likewise, the difference between someday and some day seems unclear at first blush. Why does the space matter?

Although someday and some day are indistinguishable in spoken English, they are actually different parts of speech. Precise writing depends on using words intentionally, so you will want to know when each of these terms is appropriate.

When to Use Someday

High quality PTE Training Someday

What does someday mean? Someday is an adverb and is defined as at an undetermined time in the future. It describes when an action or event will take place.

Here are some examples,

  • Someday, let’s climb to the top of the water tower with bottle rockets and shoot them down into the river.
  • I will be a leader someday, and you will have a lot to answer for when that time comes.
  • Someday, a great rain will come and wash all the garbage from the face of the earth.

Someday, spelled as a single word, refers to sometime in the indefinite future. It is unspecific and does not necessarily imply an actual 24-hour day.

For instance,

  • Someday, I will become famous.

This isn’t referring to an actual day; it’s simply referring to an undetermined time in the future. In this case, the one word someday is used.

When to Use Some Day

High quality PTE Training Some day

What does some day mean? Some day is a phrase that refers to a 24-hour span of time in the future that has not yet been specified.

In this sense, day is a noun, and some is an adjective that means not yet determined.

The following sentences are examples,

  • Some day next week, we need to finish these audits so corporate stops breathing down our necks.
  • Let’s find some day when we’re both free and grab a coffee at that café down on that street.

The noun could just as easily be plural, like in these two examples,

  • Some days are rainy, but some days the sun shines over a glittering coastline as far as the eye can see.

The important takeaway from these examples is that some day, spelled as two words, uses the word day to refer to a discrete unit of time. When day retains its noun sense and refers to a discrete 24-hour period, the two-word some day is used.

  • Let’s get lunch some day next week.

In this example, you are referring to days in the upcoming week, not just an unspecific time in the future.

Trick to Remember the Difference

High quality PTE Training Someday Some day

Here is helpful trick to remember some day vs. someday

  • Someday is an adverb.
  • Some day comprises an adjective and a noun.

It can be difficult to remember when to use each of these terms. However, by remembering that the word day is a noun, you can also remember that some day is a noun phrase, rather than an adverb.


Is it someday or some day? Someday and some day are two English terms that many writers misuse.

  • Someday is an adverb that situates an action or event at a vague point in the future.
  • Some day is a noun phrase that refers, similarly, to a unspecified 24-hour period, also at some point in the future.

Since the word day by itself is a noun, you can easily remember that some day is a noun phrase, not an adverb.

In summary, the compound word someday is an adverb. The two-word phrase some day comprises an adjective and a noun.

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