Many students are clueless when it comes to IELTS Academic for Canada studies. We at Sahasriya ensure to provide the right set of counselling for students with an aspiration to study in Canada. So, here are pictorial as well as Q&A based clarification to determine the need for IELTS Academic for Canada studies.

First things first. Student/ guardian should identify the course and university they wish to pursue their studies in Canada.

Step-1: Identify the course and universities offering your course of choice in Canada

Next, check the admission cycles for the chosen course in the chosen university. Many of the courses, typically courses which are more than 18 months, require IELTS Academic for Canada studies. Most of the Canadian universities start courses start in September. Preparing for IELTS for landing in a dream course in Canada should be planned in January/ February.

IELTS Academic for Canada studies - Step-1

Step-2: Check your chosen course and university on their admission cycles

Keep a track on application opening & closing dates for those universities. Many universities in Canada, starting their courses in September, tend to accept application from March/ April. Also bear in mind that few universities can process your admissions in March/ April, in case you have completed your under-graduate studies prior to this (for students who are in their final semester/ trimester of their studies, a provisional admission is processed). To avail of this early confirmation, IELTS Academic score is to be submitted along with the application.

Step-3: Check on the application opening & closing dates. Typically, the application opening dates are in March/ April.

At Sahasriya, we build this series on IELTS Academic for Canada studies series, keeping in mind the counselling inputs that student needs. We believe the student should know why and what of IELTS for them to deliver on their goals. For a structured study-plan based IELTS Training, you can reach Sahasriya

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