In IELTS, PTE and many other exams, English language skills are tested. Sahasriya is a pioneer in coaching students for those competitive exams. Sahasriya provides quality coaching and easier access to students in and around KR Puram, Velachery, Porur, Coimbatore. Flawless writing is a key aspect of our PTE and IELTS in Bangalore KR Puram, Velachery, Porur or Coimbatore. In this Interesting English series, we provide answers to simple questions which has been repeatedly corrected by us. In this note, it is about ‘wrong English writing’.

The print and visual media too has been flouting basic English rules and norms in their reporting and it is important that our students and public at large understand the language mistakes that galore in them.

IELTS Bangalore Government

IELTS Bangalore OrganisationQ: Sir! You are correcting me for ‘Government‘ to be written with a smaller-case ‘g’ and ‘Organisation’ to a smaller-case ‘o’ too. Whereas, every newspaper reports news about Government with a capital ‘G’. You may be wrong in correcting me so?

A: In most cases you would not capitalize either word on their own.

A possible exception might be if you were to use the word as a proper name, or as an abbreviated version of a proper name. For example, you would use capital letters to name the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; after spelling it out in full the first time, you might shorten the name to “Organisation” on subsequent mentions: “The Organisation is expected to release its study next month.” (In this particular case, however, you’d be better off calling it the “OECD,” which is its preferred English-language acronym; the same is likely true for many groups with organization/organisation in their names, like OPEC, the WTO, etc.)

For government specifically, in some cases it may be proper to capitalize it as part of a proper name; for example, Her Majesty’s Government (of the UK) and the Government of India both like to be referred to as such. Even in those cases, we recommend lowercase the word government on subsequent occurrences when using the word by itself.

Simply put, Capitalisation at the beginning of a sentence is a given (be it any of these words or otherwise). Unless we refer to a specific government or specific organisation (in such a case these words are used as proper nouns) there is no need for capitalising these words.


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