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To writers not exactly sure of their differences, the words contiguous and continuous can be a bit confusing.

They have similar sounds, and they are only one letter apart from one another. Substitute the “g” in contiguous or the “n” in continuous, and the words now have the same spellings.

When to Use Contiguous

Success in IELTSContiguous is an adjective that means sharing an edge or boundary, touching; neighbouring, adjacent.

  • Their district is contiguous to mine.
  • Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are contiguous states.
  • India has two contiguous neighbours: Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Contiguous means something more specific than just nearby or close to. It means touching or adjacent to. So for two things to truly be contiguous, they must touch each other.

One additional note about contiguous, when pairing it with a preposition, always use to. Something is contiguous to something, not contiguous with something.

When to Use Continuous

Success in IELTSContinuous, as discussed elsewhere on this site, is an adjective that is used to describe duration. It means uninterrupted in time, sequence, extent; ceaseless.

  • The audio book is divided into different tracks, but it plays as a continuous album.
  • There was a continuous backup of traffic for two miles.
  • These headphones can last for 35 continuous hours of playback.

Continuous is used to describe things uninterrupted in time or space or events that happen without interruption and stops.

Remember the Difference

There are two helpful mnemonics to keep continuous vs. contiguous separated.

First, contiguous has to do with things that are touching. You could say that these things are neighbors. Neighbors and Contiguous both have the letter “G” in them.

The second has to do with the last three letters of continuous. If you remember that these three letters –ous stand for “One Uninterrupted Sequence” you can easily remember its meaning.


These two words have different meanings, so it’s important not to mix up contiguous or continuous.

Contiguous means touching or adjacent to.

Continuous means uninterrupted and ceaseless.

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