When it comes to Grammar for IELTS Writing it is very important to learn beyond the course offered. Thats the reason Sahasriya through its continuous Grammar updates everyday is the preferred choice for students to learn English. Everyday’s note on important aspects of English language is a standing example for Grammar in IELTS Writing and why Sahasriya offers best coaching . Today, it is about ‘I’ and ‘Me ‘. Read on ‘I’ vs ‘Me’ –

A common mistake in people’s writing is to confuse I and me with each other. Both are personal pronouns, but they serve different purposes within the sentence.

In many circles, this can be a costly mistake, as it’s usually considered a sign of sloppy writing. In other words, if you are writing a research paper, a press release, a resume, etc., you will want to know how to use I vs. me.

To start, let’s look at the basics of I vs. me.

I and me are both first person pronouns. Pronouns are words that stand in for other nouns. For example, you can say,

First person pronouns are used by the speaker (or writer) to refer to himself or herself. When talking about yourself, you generally use one of these two words.

  • I went to the mall today.
  • Molly came with me.

In both of these sentences, I am talking about myself, using either I or me.

Now, let’s move on to when to use I or me.

When to Use I

i versus me grammar differenceI is used as a subjective pronoun. This simply means that it functions as the subject of a sentence.

  • I play basketball
  • I ate a pizza.
  • I went to lunch.


  • Me went to lunch.

The important point here is that I is a subject. As such, you should expect to see it near verbs or at the beginning of phrases.

When to Use Me

me versus i meaningMe is used as an objective pronoun. This means that it functions as an object in our sentences.

  • He thanked me. (Direct object)
  • Ashley went to lunch with Madan and me. (Indirect object/Object of preposition)


  • Ashley went to lunch with Molly and I.

The important point with me is that it functions as an object. As such, you should expect to see it appearing after verbs or prepositions.

The bottom line:
  • I is a subject.
  • Me is an object.

… Continued in Interesting English#50

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