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The most vibrant parts of life are colored by nuance. It is simple to say that someone is enthusiastic about something, but if we choose excited, zealous, or passionate instead, we can add a whole new dimension of meaning to the same piece of writing.

Similarly, a person who is not enthusiastic about something could be said to be boreduninterested, or apathetic. What nuances in meaning do these choices unlock?

When to Use Uninterested

PTE Coaching UninterestedWhat does uninterested mean? Uninterested is an adjective. It means inattentive or unconcerned.

Here are a few examples,

  • “I am uninterested in politics,” said Dhoni, a cricketer.
  • The kids are uninterested in our vacation plans, so they will have to put up with whatever destination we choose.
  • The teacher heaped praise on Karl Pearson’s statistical testing method, but her students were uninterested.

If you are sitting bored in a classroom, you are uninterested in the subject matter. In this sense, uninterested is a synonym for boredunenthusiasticnot excitedetc.

When to Use Disinterested

PTE Coaching DisinterestedWhat does disinterested mean? Disinterested is also an adjective. Its noun form is disinterestDisinterested is a rough synonym for impartial, but it also describes the condition of not standing to gain from taking a side.

In other words, a disinterested person can be unbiased because no judgment he could make in a given situation would benefit him.

Here are some examples of disinterested in a sentence,

  • Anand is a good referee because his kids don’t play soccer, so he is disinterested in the outcome of the matches.
  • Aunty Mangala always tries to be fair when she settles her nephews’ arguments, but she cannot be said to be completely disinterested.
  • Disinterest is an admirable quality in a High Court judge.

Disinterested is often used in place of uninterested to mean bored or uncaring. Though common, this usage is imprecise and should be avoided.

Trick to Remember the Difference

PTE Coaching Uninterested DisinterestedAs noted above, disinterested is often misused as a synonym for uninterested. Still, these words have separate meanings, and should be used as such.

  • To be disinterested is to be unbiased and impartial.
  • To be uninterested is to be inattentive or bored.

To help you remember uninterested vs. disinterested, remember that someone who is disinterested has no dog in the fight. Since disinterested and dog each begin with the letter D, this should be an easy image to remember.


Is it disinterested or uninterested? Disinterested and uninterested are adjectives. Disinterested means unbiased, while uninterested means inattentive. Disinterest is sometimes used to mean both of these things.

As a memory aid, remember that disinterested people have no dog in the raceDisinterested and dog each begin with the same letter, so you should have no trouble picking disinterested or uninterested in your writing.

Remember, you can always reread this article any time you need a quick refresher.

This daily series is an effort by Sahasriya in providing best PTE coaching in Coimbatore and beyond. These vital tips ensures your PTE coaching in Coimbatore and in Bangalore and Chennai is more effective with Sahasriya which is what hundreds of students benefit everyday.

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