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Some people are always causing trouble. Sometimes, the person might just be accident-prone. We might call such a person clumsy or hapless.

Other people, though, seem to relish trouble, and seek it out at every turn. Rather than hapless and clumsy, we might call these people devious or mischievous.

Should mischievous and devious rhyme? The way some people pronounce mischievous, it would appear so. Even some writers alter the spelling of the word, writing mischievious instead.

Many English words have more than one accepted spelling, but is mischievous one of them? Continue reading to find out.

When to Use Mischievous

PTE preparation in Bengaluru Mischievous

What does mischievous mean? Mischievous is an adjective that means looking for trouble.

To put it simply, mischievous means full of mischief, where mischief is a noun referring to lighthearted trouble.

Children are often mischievous, and it is easy to think of a joyful puppy who is constantly making messes as mischievous, as well.

Here are a few more example sentences:

  • “Young Mr. Potter and his new friends have become quite mischievous,” said the grouchy professor.
  • Mischievous interns always find a way to give me a headache when they have too much free time.

As noted, mischievous is related to the noun mischief. Its adverb form is mischievouslyMischief doesn’t have a verb form; most writers would use making mischief or causing mischief in these instances.

How to Pronounce Mischievous

PTE preparation in Bengaluru Mischievous pronounciation

Mischievous pronunciation: Mischievous is pronounced as three syllables: mis-chuh-ves.

The error is to pronounce mischievous as four syllables (more on that below).

When to Use Mischievious

What does mischievious mean? Mischievious is a misspelling of mischievous.

Many speakers also pronounce the word with four syllables, like mis-CHEE-vi-ous (so that it rhymes with previous). It’s unclear whether the misspelling or the mispronunciation came first, or if they developed together.

Trick to Remember the Difference

As a skillful writer, you should only use mischievous, especially in formal writing. Mischievious is widely rejected in writing, though common in spoken English.

Mischievious has an extra I, like incorrect, so you should find it easy to remember that mischievious is incorrect.


Is it mischievous or mischievious? Mischievous, an adjective, means having an affinity for causing trouble. Some writers are prone to spelling the word mischevious, which is how some speakers mistakenly pronounce the word aloud.

In summary,

  • Mischievous is correct.
  • Mischievious is a spelling error.

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