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Winning in IELTS – Interesting English #135 – Altogether vs All together

When it comes to winning in IELTS, students from Bengaluru, Chennai or Coimbatore has great advantage of quality coaching from Sahasriya. Sahasriya leads the way with over 2500 successful students thus far, making it winning in IELTS, a habit for many students. In Bengaluru or Chennai-Velachery and Porur or Coimbatore, the best success rate destination for English courses always ends up at Sahasriya. Thats why Sahasriya also provides value to students through its Interesting English series. Everyday’s note on important aspects of English language is a standing example of narrating experiences of winning in IELTS. Today, it is about ‘Altogether‘ and ‘All together‘.

There are several words and phrases in English that look like they should mean the same thing, and even sound identical when spoken aloud. Nevertheless, in many cases there are subtle differences.

Altogether and all together sound the same, but they actually have separate functions in a sentence, and they can’t be used interchangeably in any context.

Continue reading to discover the proper usage of altogether and all together.

When to Use Altogether

Winning in IELTS AltogetherWhat does altogether mean? Altogether is an adverb. It means taken as a whole, in such a way as to be synonymous with completely, totally, wholly.

Here are some examples:

  • Ravikumar has altogether too much class to be consorting with this bunch of hooligans.
  • The company’s liquid assets are altogether worth over 150 crore rupees.

Sometimes, the word’s use more closely approximates that of outright, but its meaning is still largely the same. See the sentence below.

  • At the alumni banquet this year, leggings have been banned altogether.
When to Use All Together

Winning in IELTS All togetherWhat does all together mean? All together is a phrase that means in the same place or at the same time as a complete group. It is never used as a phrasal adverb.

See the following examples:

  • All together, now: No taxation without representation!
  • Radhika, Ram and Shyam were all together at the dinner, when suddenly, disaster struck.
  • Find the muddy towels, gather them all together, and wash them with the hose.
Trick to Remember the Difference

Winning in IELTS Altogether 2Now, let’s go over a trick to remember all together vs. altogether.

Altogether is only used as an adverb. For all usages other than as an adverb, use the phrase all together instead.

There is an easy way to remember when to use all together. Look at the individual words that make up the phrase. If you were to say your family is “all together,” that would mean your family is “all here” or they are “all present.” When thinking about this phrase, just substitute “all together” with the phrase “all here.”

By remembering this mnemonic, you should be able to keep altogether and all together straight in your mind and in your writing.


Is it altogether or all together? While these two words sound the same when spoken, they actually have subtle differences in their meanings.

  • Altogether is an adverb, which is a synonym of its fellow adverbs completely and outright. It means taken as a whole.
  • All together, meanwhile, is a phrase that refers to an entire group, such as a table of friends who are sitting in a diner, or everyone in a crowd.

Altogether is only used as an adverb, while all together is never used as an adverb but, instead, is used in all senses other than an adverb.

You can remember the difference between these two words by linking the phrases all together and all herein your mind.

If you still have trouble deciding whether to choose all together or altogether in a sentence, you can reread this article for a reminder.

This daily series is an effort by Sahasriya in providing best writing and speaking practices to score Band 8 in IELTS Writing and beyond. These vital tips ensures a student’s aspiration of winning in IELTS is more effective with Sahasriya which is what hundreds of students benefit from everyday.

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