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Enrolment Form for Sahasriya
Full Payments are economical. Credit cards charged 2% extra
1) Training Course Delivery Options
Sahasriya currently offers its training courses (“Training Courses”) only through the following delivery options

Training Course


(1)  Public Classroom

Live public classroom training at designated Sahasriya Education centres. Courses are delivered by Sahasriya authorized trainers

(2)  Virtual Public Classroom

Live virtual public training using online class environment consisting of live interactive webcasts, practices and mentoring. Courses are delivered by Sahasriya authorized trainers

2) Student Fee
Proof of payment is required for all students to enter the premises from the second classroom session attended by the student.

It is student’s (payee) right to demand for fee receipt. Sahasriya normally processes fee receipts within three days of payment. Working Days, in this context, means Monday-Friday

Unable to produce proof of payment provides rights to Sahasriya not to conduct classes for the student, until the payment proof is produced.
The break-up of fees paid by the student is provided as below

Type of Fees

Admission Fee

20% of the agreed fees of the student. Note: Student opting for partial payments - Admission Fee will be 20% of the total agreed fees

Course Fee

80% of the agreed fee for the student

4. “Course Fee” is valid for 6 months from the date of fee paid or on completion of agreed number of classes, whichever is earlier. Student’s responsibility includes completion of the course within 6 months. Courses continued beyond 6 months will need the course fee to be paid again.

3) Class conduct

  1. Students attending classes are strictly advised to maintain time discipline and moral discipline within the class premises

  2. Mobile phones should be switched off during class hours and in case of need to use mobile phone, prior permission from the instructor to be obtained.

  3. Class sessions and flow of lessons will be as per Sahasriya’s curriculum. Students do not have the right to change the structure or order of lessons.

  4. Students will adhere to instructor’s inputs and advice and in case of discrepancy, the same should be brought to the notice of Classroom administrator designated for each centre.

  5. Any change of location for attending classes should be notified to Centre Administrator, at least 3 days before attending classes in the changed location.

  6. It will be the duty of the student to inform about any foreseen absenteeism for ensuring classes are regular post absent period. Failure to inform about absenteeism and re-join of classes will be subject to availability of infrastructure and trainer at the chosen schedule of the student.

  7. Students shall not reproduce materials provided during the course. Any such practice will entail Copyright violation and suitable action will be undertaken.

  8. 4) Fee Refund

    1. At Sahasriya, we strive to provide best quality training to students. In the event student is not-willing to continue the courses, the following refund rules apply

      1. Admission fees will not be refunded

      2. 50% of Course fee will be refunded if the number of classes attended is less than or equal to three
        No Course fee will be refunded if the number of classes exceed three
        A class is defined as 1.5 hour session and a class-session of 3 hours will be calculated as 2 classes attended
      3. Students opting for Virtual Classroom mode should ensure a private peaceful environment for Sahasriya’s trainers during classes. Sahasriya reserves the right to call-off the classes and coverage of specific session in case of non-adherance.

      4. Students opting for Virtual Classroom will strictly be limited to enrolled students. Any additional students apart from enrolled student cannot attend Virtual Classroom sessions. In the event of such a behavior is observed, the course will complete for the enrolled student and student will not be eligible for any refund.