Many students are clueless when it comes to IELTS Academic for Canada studies. We at Sahasriya ensure to provide the right set of counselling for students with an aspiration to study in Canada. So, here are pictorial as well as Q&A based clarification to determine the need for IELTS Academic for Canada studies. This is second step towards your goal. First set can be found here

Step -4: Check with Sahasriya for the best IELTS Academic course

At Sahasriya, IELTS Academic courses are tailor-made for each student to ensure high level of success in IELTS Academic. The courses are one-to one, thereby giving individual attention to every student and working on their improvement areas to reach their targets and duration of the course is also customisable. Ideally, students are recommended not to burden themselves with too little time and February, March & April would be perfect for students to enrol in a course and ready themselves for their Canada study aspirations

Step – 5: Prepare the documents

An aspiring student needs to obtain a Study Permit for Canada studies. Note that Study Permit is not student visa. The Student visa will be narrated in the future steps. The documents include

(i) Proof of acceptance - Typically, for students presently studying in a college, their respective institutions should be providing a 'acceptance' for the aspiring student to study in Canada
(ii) Proof of identity - Aspiring students' passport
(iii) Proof of financial support - A financial support system to support a students' living in Canada during the course. Apart from tuition fee, a student is required to show sufficient proof of CAN $10,000 per-year for the student and additional CAN $4,000 per additional member.
Note: On the day of this blog, CAN to INR is 1 : 53.73
(iv) Letter of Explanation - An explanation detailing why a student wants to study in Canada, and detailing the responsibilities as a student in Canada
IELTS Academic for Canada studies - Step-1
Click here for Step-1

Step – 6: Apply for Study Permit

Study permit fee needs a payment of CAN $150 

Study Permit application can be applied
(i) Online - require scanning of documents, valid credit/ debit card, answer questions on the online tool and for some students medical certificate (only from empanelled physician) and police certificate
(ii) Paper based - Same process in paper as detailed in 'Online' mode but to be submitted to nearest Visa Application Centre. Details of the nearest VAC can be found here

At Sahasriya, we build this series on IELTS Academic for Canada studies series, keeping in mind the counselling inputs that student needs. We believe the student should know why and what of IELTS for them to deliver on their goals. For a structured study-plan based IELTS Training, you can reach Sahasriya

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