As ever, we at Sahasriya bring in a series of easy tips for succeeding in IELTS exams. Here are few tips on IELTS Reading module, focused on Matching the Heading type questions

“Match the Heading” Tips

#1: Read the paragraph before reading the headings

#2: Target the aim of the paragraphs and sections

#3: There are more headings than the paragraphs

#4: Answers do not come in order

Easy technique #1: Paraphrase the heading

Easy technique #2: Skim the paragraph – Read the first one-two sentences of the paragraphs and the last sentence of the paragraph to understand the aim of the same.


  • Be aware of synonyms. For example, a keyword in the heading might be ‘Beautiful’, however the word you’re looking for could be many different synonyms of ‘beautiful’ like ‘attractive’, ‘pretty’, ‘lovely’ or ‘stunning’.
  • Do these question first. These questions would have made you read the paragraphs in a detail bit and other type of questions in the passage becomes easier


  • Do not match words/ vocabulary. On spotting the key word in the headings, do not match the words.
  • Answers do not come in order

What is paraphrase?

Using your own words to express some other(s) idea

Example of paraphrasing:

Simple paraphrases


  • Early in the series = first season
  • More threatened = greatest threat
  • Closest friend and associate = one family member
  • His mother colludes with his uncle = his mother and uncle are conspiring
  • His kids click through Web sites = his children are surfing the Web


Sample paraphrase sentence

Original sentence:
Her life spanned years of incredible change for women.

Paraphrased sentence:
She lived through an era of liberating reform for women.

Try out few on your own…

We at Sahasriya, strive to provide the best quality coaching for IELTS and PTE. These are few tips and a course with Sahasriya ensures that many such techniques are at your fingertips when faced with an exam.

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