IELTS Success – Tip-3 is continuation of the series of tips for succeeding in IELTS. Aimed at IELTS aspirants, Sahasriya brings its man-years of IELTS coaching success and provides information in an easy to understand way. The first part and second part of the series has been a success thereby driving us to contribute more to our students

Read, read and read

You need to have a credible English-English dictionary and work out the meanings of new words, making sure that you do not translate back to your language.

IELTS Success - Tip-3 Reading Habit

✓ Skim and scan to form a general picture of a text quickly
✓ Make sure you know exactly what’s required for each task
✓ Carefully check all instructions
✓ Use the work for further clues about the content and organization of the text
✓ Remember the key vocabulary may be explained for you in the text
✓ Don’t use a dictionary until you’ve done the task and checked your answers. You can read an English newspaper every morning and listen to the news in English

The most important for IELTS Success in Reading and Speaking – Read, read, read – READ ALOUD

✓ Take an article from newspaper or any other English book and read it aloud with intonations for 10 minutes every day.

We are sure our students are benefited from IELTS Success – Tip-3. For a comprehensive study plan and for your IELTS success reach out to Sahasriya

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