IELTS Success – Tip-4 is continuation of the series of tips for succeeding in IELTS. Aimed at IELTS aspirants, Sahasriya brings its man-years of IELTS coaching success and provides information in an easy to understand way. The first part, second part and third part of the series has been a success thereby driving us to contribute more to our students

Enhance your writing skills

IELTS Success - Tip-4 on writing

Record words as a consistent part of your English lessons. Compose both the definition and a sentence utilizing the word on a file card that you can check later for reference. You ought to say the word resoundingly to initiate your sound-related memory and relate the word to words you definitely know. For instance, “immense,” which implies tremendous, has a comparable intending to the words colossal, enormous and expansive.

✓ Practice timed writing to improve your speed
✓ Never write answers BELOW the minimum length
✓ Remember that Task 2 is longer and has more marks, so leave enough time for it

(Task 1)
✓ Describe the information, not the diagram itself (e.g. you don’t need to say exactly what’s shown on the vertical and horizontal axes of a graph) – IELTS Academic

✓ Write a letter, choose the role as per the context of the letter and use words that relates to the contextual relationship (e.g. you are an employee if the letter is to your employer) – IELTS General
✓ Select the important features and choose figures to support these – IELTS Academic

✓ Narrate the tasks mentioned in the question (e.g. you don’t need to an elaborate self-introduction) – IELTS General
✓ To practice, look for diagrams, graphs, and charts in the newspaper or on the Internet and analyze them. Notice how diagrams are used on TV programs

(Task 2)
✓ Analyze the question carefully
✓ Make a paragraph plan before you write
✓ Check that all parts of the question are addressed
✓ Always leave time to edit your writing
✓ Know your common mistakes and check for them

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