IELTS Success – Tip-5 is continuation of the series of tips for succeeding in IELTS. Aimed at IELTS aspirants, Sahasriya brings its man-years of IELTS coaching success and provides information in an easy to understand way. The first part, second part, third part and fourth part of the series has been a success thereby driving us to contribute more to our students

Exercise fluency and pronunciation

IELTS Success - Tip-5 practice fluency and pronunciation

The speaking component is divided into three parts. The areas include a structured interview, a short talk, and free interview. You will be asked about 2 to 3 brief concerns on familiar topics that will last 4 to 5 minutes.

Be ready to give a talk for 2 minutes in the brief talk section. You will be provided 1 minute to get ready for your discussion. The whole section will take 3 to 4 minutes. The following are tips on what is examined in IELTS speaking and how to prepare for it.

Consistent practice is all that it takes. By using a new word or a correct pronunciation, the student is reinforced to practice what he has learned, imprinting it in the mind. Also, it signals to whoever taught him the new skill, whether that be a teacher, a friend or a fellow-worker, and that he has made a conscious effort to memorize something that has been taught. It encourages his mentors to be more determined than ever to help him succeed.

For Fluency:
✓ Practice talking for a considerable long time
✓ Talk aloud in English to hear yourself pronounce the words
✓ Record yourself speaking on different topics as often as you can

For Pronunciation:
✓ Listen to spoken English (e.g. on radio/TV/ films) as much as possible
✓ Repeat phrases after the speaker in recordings to help you speak in word groups and use stress and intonation appropriately
✓ Record and listen to yourself speaking as much as you can

We are sure our students are benefited from IELTS Success – Tip-5. For a comprehensive study plan and for your IELTS success reach out to Sahasriya

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