IELTS Success – Tip-6 is continuation and last in the series of tips for succeeding in IELTS. Aimed at IELTS aspirants, Sahasriya brings its man-years of IELTS coaching success and provides information in an easy to understand way. The first, second, third, fourth and fifth parts of the series has been a success thereby driving us to contribute more to our students

Practice your listening skills

IELTS Success - Tip-6 Listening

One can listen to the news in English every morning and try to write them down and analyze later. The following are tips on how to prepare for listening skills.

✓ Use the preparation time to think about the task content and focus
✓ Make sure you know exactly what’s required for each task and check the instructions
✓ After checking your answers, listen again, and try to work out the cause of any problem

How to improve:
✓ Remember that you only hear the recording once. Don’t pause the audio when you’re practicing
✓ Finally, listen once more to the tapescript and highlight useful expressions

IELTS Success - Listen to topics you love

Follow Your Heart

When practicing, choose interesting topics. Interesting for YOU. If you love professional tennis, listen to podcasts about professional tennis. If you love Roman history, listen to stories about Roman history. It is well known that we listen better to things we want to or enjoy hearing. If you really want to motivate yourself and get the best out of each and every listening practice, try this approach. You might even have fun doing it!

These helpful tips will equip you to be ready for the exam. However, your success rate depends on your commitment and practice. A combination of the two will give you a great chance of getting the desired grade for IELTS.

The best way to learn a language well and to do well on the test is to use English in real life. Every day you don’t have a conversation is a missed opportunity.

Think In English

IELTS Success - Think in English

Language experts agree about one key rule. Thinking in a specific language helps you learn that language. Many students of English often try and translate everything in their heads.

Don’t do it.

Translating has two main problems. First, it is slower. Second, you remember your language and forget the English.

On the listening exam you won’t have time to translate. Also, you’ll have to remember key English words. So, when you’re practicing English… think in English!

We are sure our students are benefited from IELTS Success – Tip-6. For a comprehensive study plan and for your IELTS success reach out to Sahasriya

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